About Succubusofdarkdreams: mood: oh what a tasty master I have~ status: sleepy x.x I am also know so The Demon Saikoro but you may call me Saikoro-sama general personality: doesn't like people unless they're eye catching or of royal blood, usually horny (i am a succubus after all) but won't have sex with just anybody you have to earn the right to touch, loves to be in power, dominate but secretly has a fetish for being dominated, will be a slave but not a obidient at all times due to attitude problems other than that well you can figure it out ;D appearance: long blue hair that reaches my ankels, amber eyes when content (red when angry, purple when lustful), usually wears all dark blue or purple gowns sometimes same as pic, may vary, perfect body with big (but not too big) boobs, wings and tail aren't out much but when they do there's usually golden markings on then and all over my body height: 5'4 (i'm not short i'm fun size) age:...i don't remeber a few thousands weapons: a thin sword that's about two feet longer than me power: darkness and succubus stuff (lol love the bluntness)